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Captain & Tillie
Free to Approved Forever Country Home
The owner of Captain and Tilly would like them to be rehomed together.  They are 2yr old Brother and Sister. 
Captain- Male Neutered-Dark Sable in color
Tillie-Female-Spayed-Dark Sable in Color
Owner moved from the country to the city and is having issues with a crabby neighbor that has to go to bed at 6pm for work saying they bark in there fenced in back yard.  When really they only bark when the other little yappy dogs in the neighborhood bark or if they are alerting that someone is at the house. But he keeps threatening to call the police. So that is why she is seeking possibilities of rehoming them if she could find a suitable Forever Country Home for both of them. Here is a description right from the current owners email.  They will stay right where there at unless we find them a great forever home. Please email me if interested and I can get you in touch with the current owner.  See Pictures Below
Hi Jenny,
I purchased 2 pups from you in Aug 2011.  Captain & Tillie which turned 2 yrs in June.  I lived in Princeton at the time and now moved to Oshkosh this May.  I also have Daisy who is 3 yrs old.  They love each other and have lots of fun.  Unfortunately I moved next to a jerk and he yells at them to shut up or has his wife tell me that he is going to call the cops.  They hardly bark at all except when the little ankle biters in the neighborhood get them going.  I fenced in the yard (which is a nice size) and we love to play Frisbee and ball.  Our walks are fine but they need to run & have fun.
I've tried muzzles but they freak out with them on.  I purchased an E-Collar and that was a waste, too. 
It breaks my heart to ask, but would you consider taking them back or know of a good family that would take them both.  I do not want to separate them.  I do have their papers, they are fixed and are up to date with all their shots, monthly heartworm and front line and are house broken.  
They both attended obedience class.  Tillie did fairly well but Captain is a bit on the stubborn side.
They have been house dogs since I got them and although the hair is unbelievable I wouldn't want them to have to stay outdoors.
If you can help me out I'd appreciate it. 
Sending a few pics.
They have not been around children except for our walks.  They love the attention from the kids.  They are well socialized.  I put them in their kennels when I go away.  Captain loves his but Tillie is still not thrilled about it.  Possibly because I leave Daisy loose in the house and she probably goes in the bedroom now & then.  They both were easily housebroken and the move to Oshkosh didn't change that.  Tillie is more on the nervous side and Captain acts like a toughy although he is a big sissy when it comes to clipping his nails.  (he hates that).  Tillie is my biggest bedtime snuggler.  Neither one is afraid of storms, fireworks or any other loud noises.  They will alert you if they hear a car door slam or if anyone is around.  Neither one has to go potty in the middle of the night.  They often sleep from 10pm to 8am.  Captain will try to wake you earlier but will lay back down awhile.  He will take his nose & try to push the covers off me.  If he is very consistent it means he has to go potty very soon.
I don't think my dogs bark much at all.  I hear the neighborhood dogs barking all the time but apparently my neighbor has to go to bed at 6pm and get up at 2am and his bedroom window is by my backyard. I think he's just a crabby guy. All the other neighbors say I'm doing a wonderful job with my dogs since we moved from the country to the city and had to adapt to new surroundings.
I will keep trying other options to resolve this but I have to consider the alternative if he starts getting the cops involved.  I already think he's a coward for sending his wife over to complain.
Thank you for your time & effort. 
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